Why Do Hotels Want You to Book Direct?

by mrcosmopolithotel

The biggest reason hotels want you to book direct is because they earn more revenue from you. By using third-party websites, they can charge higher prices. But, if you book directly with them, they will honor their lower price. In fact, you can get 25% off a direct booking if you use their price match guarantee. You can also earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for free rooms.

Why do hotels want you to book direct

By booking directly with a hotel, you can benefit from their discounted rates and other perks. They will not have to pay commissions to third-party websites, so they can offer you better rates. Moreover, you can contact them at any time to get the best deals. You can also get better offers if you book directly with the hotel. This way, you will be able to enjoy better service and prices.

A hotel will receive more revenue if you book directly with them. They can use the money they save to improve customer loyalty programs and promote their properties. They can also offer you free WiFi and other amenities. These benefits can help you earn status points that can be converted into discounts. If you’re a frequent traveler, you should always book directly with the hotel. By doing so, you’ll earn more points, which means you’ll get more free breakfasts and other perks.

When you book directly with a hotel, you are letting them know about special offers. In addition to getting the best rates, you can also enjoy personalized service. You can also receive better room upgrades when booking through a hotel. A hotel with an excellent reputation will have no trouble retaining loyal customers. In order to keep up with this competition, you have to stay on top of the latest technological developments. It’s worth remembering that online booking will always beat offline bookings.

Despite the benefits of booking through a hotel website, online booking is still the best option for most travelers. However, online travel agencies tend to be expensive and inflexible, so they are a better option for many travelers. A hotel website can be a good way to encourage guests to book directly. There are many ways to promote a hotel and get more guests. One of them is to make it more attractive for the traveler.


Incentives to book through a hotel website are a great way to get more customers. Not only do you avoid paying a commission on your OTA bookings, but you’ll also get loyalty points and discounts by booking directly. OTAs also offer better customer service. By giving you the choice, a hotel can make the difference between a successful stay and a profitable loss. They may not be able to compete with a traveler who book through a third party, but they will give you a better deal.

When you compare prices and amenities, it’s important to note that hoteliers are competing with each other. Some of these agencies may offer a better deal, but they don’t match the same rate as a hotel that is listed on a third-party website. In addition, there are other advantages. You can have more control over your bookings. You can also change the price if you want to.

Lastly, hotel websites that offer free Wi-Fi and perks to book directly can increase your sales. These third-party websites can increase your conversion rate to a much higher level, which is a good thing for hotels. Often, third-party booking sites are better for your business than traditional booking sites. These companies are able to offer you more discounts on your rooms and get better reviews from their customers.

The number of third-party websites is rising. It has become impossible for hotels to compete with these sites. This is due to the fact that they have a lot of overhead and need to make money. In addition, they have high margins and no loyalty programs. In order to attract more customers, hotel websites should offer loyalty and direct booking programs. These offers can save you money, but they must be advertised properly and on multiple sites.

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